May 25 - 27, 2022 | W MELBOURNE

A masterclass and guided exploration of modern leadership with real estate’s boldest thinkers.
Invitation only.

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Rise Leadership Retreat Program

Wednesday May 25
Arrival Day
Check in to the W Hotel anytime after 3pm. Meet up with your Rise Leader colleagues in the Wet Bar upstairs at W after 5pm for a relaxing drink on us, before heading over to The Atlantic for dinner at around 6.30pm. (It's just a short stroll)
6:30 PM for 7:00 PM
Dinner - The Atlantic
8 Whiteman St, Southbank

Free Radicals - A dinner conversation between James Keenan, CEO of Nelson Alexander and Chris Hanley.

Thursday May 26
9:00 AM
Day 1 - Leading Our Teams
Welcome - Chris Hanley
9:10 AM
Head and Heart: The Art of Modern Leadership - Dr Kirstin Ferguson
How can we lead from both the head and the heart? Kirstin Ferguson is an award-winning and globally recognised leader with over a decade of experience on a range of company boards, including a previous appointment by the Australian Prime Minister as Acting Chair and Deputy Chair of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. She’s also been the CEO of a global consulting company, a senior executive at a leading corporate law firm, and spent nearly 10 years as an Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force. This session sets the tone for our two days as Kirstin explores how curiosity, analysis, strategy and technical expertise will always be important in leadership but humility, insight, courage and empathy is just as vital and its new importance post-Covid. We’ll unpack the role of emotional intelligence, the legacy we leave as leaders and explore how to develop a leadership style that encourages people to feel able to speak up in the workplace.
10:00 AM
Post Traumatic Growth & Recovering from the Covid Pandemic - Paul J Stevenson OAM

We can not afford to minimise the impact and distress felt by the people in our industry during the volatility and uncertainty of COVID. From the pain of protracted lockdowns, rapidly evolving and adaptive regulations, to the visual clues of insecurity and trauma that came with empty supermarket shelves, armed military patrols in suburban Australia and the indeterminacy of it ending. Paul is Australia's leading traumatologist and has provided on-site consultancy services to nearly every major disasters in Australia over the past 20 years. He explores the lessons of growth and triumph when there is space, respect, and language given to the pandemic experience and where we have the right tools and the right support to convert trauma into a springboard for togetherness.

10:50 AM
Encouraging excellence in our teams - Domain

How do we recognise excellence in our teams that is not exclusively based on GCI and financial performance? Domain shares insights into their new award that examines performance of the whole person in real estate.

11:00 AM
Morning Tea
11:30 AM
Leading to Motivate and Inspire - Holly Cole-Havens

Holly Cole-Havens is a reformed management consultant and banker turned executive coach with 25 years of corporate leadership experience globally. In this first session we will explore our personal motivations in leadership, the eight human needs, identifying your emotional ‘home’ and the ripple effect of emotions, and using sales skills as leadership skills

12:00 PM
Generation Next - The New Breed of Leader
Holly Longmuir - RT Edgar Mornington Peninsula & Ben Faulks - Ray White Canberra in conversation with John Cunningham.
New technology, new standards, new expectations, and a new generation of both team members and customers are demanding new methods of leadership and new frameworks of sense-making. These three successful leaders are building a new and highly effective template for the attraction, retention and optimisation of people in their organisations.
12:30 PM
Your Hidden Leadership Superpower - Holly Cole-Havens
In this second interactive session Holly explores with us the one thing that we can change to become five times more successful, and discusses why we are all much worse at listening than we think we are.
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
Talking Circle Workshops
Hosted by Sarah Bell, Michael Sheargold and Chris Hanley

As a leader, it's a common default mode to instruct, pour energy into our teams and then wonder why we feel lonely and disconnected. In these workshops you will learn the ancient skill of Talking Circles as we collectively explore the meaning of work, discuss the post-Covid challenges facing real estate and property management teams and identify new models and frameworks to address them that is deeply connected, giving and human to develop a new manifesto to work and live by. We have a singular opportunity to leverage the knowledge and experience of this room to reimagine and rethink the way we structure, support, view and value our people and to explore ways to make this vocation more sustainable.

4:00 PM
Short break for afternoon tea
4:30 PM
Change Lives, Save Lives
Stavros Ambatzidis - O’Briens, Nick Dowling - Jellis Craig, Liam Francis - Utility Creative in conversation with Kylie Davis

Time to get tactical and talk about how to implement real help and real care for your team, when they need it. Hear from our partners and creators of the Real Care App along with users who have experienced the app and how its features have helped them to remediate illness and/or simply experience better wellness and performance.

5:00 PM
Day 1 Wrap - Chris Hanley
6:30 PM
Dinner - Chin Chin
Join us at this iconic Melbourne restaurant 125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Free Radicals- A dinner conversation between James Keenan, CEO of Nelson Alexander and Chris Hanley.

Friday May 27
8:00 AM
Day 2 - Leading Ourselves

Residential guests of the W Hotel can enjoy breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

9:00 AM
Highlights & Critical Learnings - Chris Hanley

After a day exploring what leadership means to us and our skills as leaders, it’s time to take a closer look at the impact of our leadership upon our teams. Chris Hanley identifies the key insights from day one and the outline for today’s sessions.

9:15 AM
Time to Exhale
Jodie Stainton - Coronis & David Skow - Regrowth, in conversation with Hayley Mitchell.
Property Management faces a great resignation if it is not met with both a great listening and a great making of time and space to exhale. Exhaling allows for time, permission, learning, and balance which are essential ingredients if we are to take growth and sustainability of this aspect of our businesses seriously.
9:45 AM
A Culture of Care - The hard nature of soft skills
Chris Hanley

The only thing your competitors can’t copy in your business is your culture. It is your brand and your DNA. But culture is caught, not taught. Culture is like an autopilot in an organisation. The biggest challenge today for a leader is not technology or marketing, it is and always will be culture because the soft stuff is still the hard stuff.

10:30 AM
Beating Imposter Syndrome
Jason Pellegrino in conversation with Kylie Davis

Imposter Syndrome can be debilitating for people who inaccurately perceive themselves as less competent than their counterparts. This impacts self-belief, self-confidence, and self-efficacy which are key drivers of performance. It disproportionately impacts high-performers and leaders, however, with acknowledgement and support, the patterns of doubt and anxiety can be overcome. Even the most successful leaders can suffer from imposter syndrome, worry we’re not good enough or feel anxious about putting our head above the parapet.

11:00 AM
Lunch is a little bit later today so enjoy morning tea!
11:30 AM
Managing Perfectionism
Dr Charlotte Keating, PhD

Striving for perfection isn’t necessarily a problem - pursuing our best, setting flexible, realistic, achievable goals where we celebrate our successes and accept that our mistakes are part of learning (and move on from them without dwelling in distress), is healthy. Unhealthy perfectionism involves the relentless pursuit for extremely high, unrealistic standards, despite the personal cost. Individuals often judge their self-worth based on the outcome, which can be highly distressing (and exhausting) when the outcome falls short of expectations.

12:30 AM
Uncovering our Dark Corners
Mark MacLeod, Sadhana Smiles & David Bowie in conversation with Sarah Bell

Mohammed Ali once said that "It is not the mountain you have to climb, but the rock in your shoe" meaning that sometimes we are great at doing the grand things, but sometimes what grows in the dark corners of our organisations are the secrets that make us sick. Having the courage to seek out and confront the dark corners in your world takes emotional intelligence and a willingness to be authentic. Truth seeking and truth telling relies on leaders who are prepared to be vulnerable and trustworthy. Our panel generously share their personal stories of the dark corners in their companies and their lives, and the light they shone to disperse them.

1:00 PM
2:00 PM
Performance Equals Profit
Dean Firth - Macquarie

The proposal for investment into mental health and wellness is not just altruistic or optional. It speaks to the health of your business. The productivity costs of mental health and wellness in Australia was $220 billion dollars in 2020. Investments into initiatives designed to improve mental health and wellness, however, have been shown to return 130% and be much greater in a small to medium sized business. As head of business banking at Macquarie, Dean Firth discusses the business case for wellness.

2:45 PM
Brain Power
Todd Sampson

An adventurer, award winning documentary maker, TV presenter and ranked as one of Australia's most influential executives, Todd shares the data and insights from his Brain Power research and documentary. The premise of his award-winning Discovery Science series Redesign My Brain was simple. For over 70 years, science has told us that our brains are fixed. You are born with the brain you have, which develops rapidly until the age of seven, and then it starts a steady decline from age 30 until you die and there was nothing you could do about it. But science has now proven that to be false. In fact, modern science has shown that our brain is plastic and that we all have the ability to improve it at any age and at any time. This presentation proves you are never too old to change how you think and will share practical tools and strategies to improve the performance of your brain.

4:00 PM
Conference Wrap