RiSE Initiative is proud to announce a new partnership with Heart On My Sleeve (HOMS) – an emotional wellness social movement and early intervention mental health services provider.

This Sydney-based not-for-profit was born in 2017 when founder Mitch Wallis shared a video sharing his own story, describing immense battles with anxiety, depression and a lifetime of mental illness.

Mitch spoke about the conflict he felt between having the “perfect” outside life on social media, while suffering deeply beneath the surface.

The video went viral, reaching more than 1 million people on Facebook within a week. People from around the world started tattooing a heart on their arm and sharing their own story.

From that movement, HOMS has now become a leading global mental health provider and unifying symbol of mental health.

At RiSE Initiative we applaud the work of Mitch and his team at HOMS, and feel much alignment between our two organisations.

We are pleased to announce that, due to the sponsorship support of MRI, RiSE will shortly offer HOMS webinars, principal training workshops and self-paced e-learning modules.

Together, our goals for the real estate industry are to remove the internal shame barrier that prevents people from getting better, provide more skills for people to reach out when they are struggling or to show up for those that need them and, improve the connection rate to increase the conversations around mental health.

To get first access to our new series of events and workshops, please drop us your details: