What is the Rise Initiative?

Rise is a movement in real estate that is ‘for good’. We work to improve and grow our industry, to move away from one-dimensional chasing of transactions and GCI, towards rounded human relationships that support wellness, mindfulness and performance, great service for our clients and better outcomes for our teams, our families and ourselves. 

Rise – including the RealCare app – is the leading resource for the real estate industry to find quality information to support personal and team wellness and performance goals. We walk the talk of our vision by delivering programs that inspire, share stories, teach and train in the skills aligned with our values of wellness, mindfulness, fulfilment and service. 

The real estate industry has a shocking legacy of stress, burnout and even suicide brought on by us chasing, and rewarding, the wrong goals. We are working to change this and invite you to #risewithus.


Real Care App

Rise has funded the RealCare app – a free to access mental health resource built by real estate agents for real estate agents and their families. The app was built in conjunction with technology and public health experts, Utility Creative, who have produced a similar resource for the police forces across Australia and New Zealand.  The app addresses major stressors including financial health and provides well-being checks, guidance for self-care, as well as rapid response features for crisis intervention.

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Conferences and Events

Our next event is Rise2021 to be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre on Wednesday May 5. Hear from extraordinary speakers including Ben Crowe, as we unpack the connections between being a good person and a great agent.


Rise Initiative Limited

Board of Directors

Rise Initiative Limited is a legal entity created in October 2019 with a group of Directors from Industry to advise and administer the Rise Conference Event and to engage the ‘good works’ projects from each event.

Nick Dowling


Sarah Bell


James Keenan


Kate Strickland

Board Member

John Knight

Financial Adviser

Talia Tomaino

Board Member

Kylie Davis