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At Rise conferences, we discuss how real estate agents achieve performance, wellness, mastery and mindfulness goals, openly and frankly, free of embarrassment or pretence.  We deliver sessions that inspire, share stories that connect, and train agents in the skills essential to enriching their lives and the lives of families, communities and teams. If you’ve been feeling burned out, stressed or are exhausted chasing goals that are one-dimensional and GCI driven, it’s time to Rise!

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If you held tickets to the November 2020 event in Melbourne, your RISE ticket will automatically transfer to the new date for 2021.
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Keynote Speaker: Ben Crowe

In a world crying out for purpose, connection, confidence and perspective, Ben Crowe is arguably one of the most important and inspiring speakers of our time.

As NIKE’s former International Director of Sports Marketing, Ben worked with some of the world’s most famous individuals, including Andre Agassi and NIKE CEO Phil Knight.

Now as a leadership mentor, life coach and adviser, Ben works closely with business leaders, coaches & athletes across the globe explaining how authenticity, vulnerability and storytelling can create not only an amazing culture and competitive advantage – but also create a life that balances achievement with fulfillment.

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